💜🌙🔮 April Favourites💜🌙🔮

April in London is expecting spring but getting slapped with winter. Despite this; April was a productive month, with getting lots of study work done and finally learning how to drive.  However these products have definitely brought some shine to the unbearable cold weather and rain. I really miss writing in my blog so heres to 2017 and more consistent posts! (fingers crossed)

Beauty Faves

  1. Mermaid Brushes… we are living in a beautiful time trend of unicorns and mermaids. Unicorn Lash started the trend with decadent brushes and the internet blew up. You can get dupes of the style of brushes on ebay since shipping to the Uk is a struggle. (you can get some of the selection now on Beauty Bay). These brushes are soft with no fall out. They are aesthetically pleasing the tip works great as a spatula for mixing foundation/consealar. OBSESSED.
  2. Too Faced Semi Sweet chocolate palette – I might do a blog post for a few looks with this palette and a full review so look out!. As I’m sure you’ve heard this pallet smells heavenly and has great neutral eyeshadows for everyday.
  3. Nyx Lingerie eye tint – I got both evening spell 03 and Nude to me 11. These are soufflé like eye shadow creams that are pigmented and last all day. I honestly wear these almost everyday since they apply on so easily and saves a lot of time getting ready.

4. Nyx full coverage concealer in Lavender – I mix this with my SKIN79 BB cream for the perfect shade. Purple colour correcting helps normalize yellow-coloured skin imperfections and under eye circles. Personally I just like how it gives my skin a more cool tone shade.

5.Everyone deserves to know a good quality black nail polish and that is the gelly Hi Shine from BarryM. I used to get gel nails but since I’m  healing from a 3rd degree burn on my right hand Im avoiding heat lamps for a while…Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 19.18.016. Asian Cosmetics – My friend Wing brought me some products from Asia. I’ve always been a fan of the dolly Wink eyeliner but the lashes are just as good and amazing quality, its fair to say Japan is way ahead in the cosmetic industry with the best quality and variety of lashes. The saillor moon lip and eye pencil had me SHOOK. I love sailor moon more that anything and not only is the product beautiful but the makeup itself is high quality and very pigmented. Its safe to say I know I’m bringing an empty suit case to Japan to fill it with their gold mine variety of beauty products.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 19.17.42

Other Stuff

  1.  AESTHETIC NOTE PADS –  always helps motivate me to study and since I’ve been studying a few short courses of Croatian/Japanese and driving  as well as university work; I use up all my notebooks in weeks. This unicorn-cat hybrid was my spirit animal not to mention my cat name is meow so I had to get it.



I could say what movie or TV show I’ve been loving but unfortunatley I don’t get much time to keep up and I usually forget what happened before. This month however I have been picking up my old acoustic guitar and playing a lot of covers, I’d actually recommend pinterest to easily find chords. Guitar just helps me relax and is very rewarding mentally and helps give me confidence. In the summer I’d really like to play more and maybe even advance my skill by playing more public with some friends.

And thats all folk’s I forgot how much I enjoyed this. I will be updating my layout and making a lot more posts so stay tuned. I hope you all had a wonderful April and if not .. well as that say “April showers Bring may flowers’.






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