🎃Halloween Makeup Inspiration🎃

👻 🎃Halloween Makeup Inspiration🎃👻

Okay so I know its September… but one can’t simply plan enough for the gloriousness that is halloween. Here are some pictures from the pervious years that can help give you some halloween costume inspiration.

Midnight Summer Dream fairy ~ I did this makeup on my friend for her project. I put pink spray on her roots as well as adding a flower crown. She made her own costume and using the wig cap method I was able to create a scale-like effect. For most of these looks here I used the Makeup Forever 12 Flash Color Case



Demon Skeleton ~ I would use water based paints instead of oil based, since it did smudge quite a bit. With a white top and black blazer you wouldn’t wanna mess with this thing!

Cat ~ If you don’t want to bother with dramatic makeup just wear a costume. I improvised by wearing maid- cosplay -like- clothes with a cat headband and drew on some whiskers with eyeliner. 6c2e5a3f80a693e4a4c1c1b3a938b295


Dangan Ronpa x Harley Quinn ~ I wanted to mix two characters being Kyoko Kirigiri and Harley. Using purple contact lenses with a purple tie really gave an anime fantasy effect.

Evil Pixi~ My friend created this similar to the scale technique. Im wearing purple lenses here with red glitter pigment and an elf ear prosthetic. And red coloured spray on the top of my hair.



Joker ~ My first sfx makeup! I used latex, tissue and fake blood to create a Chelsea smile effect, it was very simple and I did it for many friends during halloween!


I will definitely be creating more looks this year before halloween so keep an eye out!!

🍂🍁✨ Until the next time👽💀🎃



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