☆ WHITE PLATNIUM HAIR ☆ + hair care 🐇🐁 + everything you need to know


Originally I didn’t want white platinum hair, I just wanted it light enough so I could dye it purple but my hairdresser insisted that I get it bleached to platinum to get a better pastel purple shade, so I did. Here are somethings I wish I knew before I dyed it cause it takes a lot of effort to maintain.

FullSizeRender (4)

Things you must know before bleaching your hair::

  1. Know your stylist -:Despite using olaplex my hair is in the red type category, which means its quite thin and was able to be bleached white in one sitting. The problem with this is that the hairdresser used 40v and left it on my hair for more than an hour. When doing my roots it took me less than 10mins to bleach with a 30v! So my hair got quite damaged from being over processed. Preferably go to a hair salon that knows your hair type and take caution that your hair will suffer from some amount of damage.
  2. Don’t wash your hair-:Before you bleach it and after you bleach it! your hair natural oils help protect your hair and I’d recommend to leave your hair for a week after its been bleached. I washed it the second next day (MISTAKE) and regularly because I had makeup shoots which needed coloured spray in my hair and I’d have college the next morning.
  3. Right shampoo and conditioner -:
SILICONE FREE!! Research the best types of hair shampoos and conditioners for your bleached hair cause it can either make or break the condition of your hair. To get my hair silvery white I’d use Provoke touch of silver every 4th time I washed my hair ( Not every week because it will turn into a dull grey) and for the majority of the time I’d use Pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner which made my hair really smooth and soft. I rinse with cold water. To dry my hair I’d use a microfiber towel instead of a hair dryer.
     4. Masks, Hair Brush and Leave in treatments -:
1. Phillip Kingsley Elasticiser : Pre shampoo treatment for more elasticity
2. Morocainoil : Restore shine and protein in the hair
3. Infusium 23: Restores overall hair health and shine. Protects against breakage and future damage. Instantly detangles wet or dry hair.
4. Olaplex No.3 : Links bonds to hair to restore natural health (get it from your salon)
5. Pureology Hydrate Mask : Any pureology masks helps the health and integrity of the hair, my favourite brand to use for bleached hair.
6. l’oreal elvive extraordinary oil : Personally this makes the appearance of my hair shiner and makes my hair look more healthy
7. Tangle teasers : Makes your life easier. Just get it.
5. Silk Pillow case -:  Helps distribute oils as well as protect the hair from frizz and tangles.

6. Relax!diet!Sleep!Vitamin! Exercise! -: This in itself requires an entire post but to keep it brief eat nutrient dense foods. Get 8 hours of sleep. Exercise 30 mins a day. Relax. I also take hair tablets like biotin and pantogar to get maximum nutrition for fast growing strong hair.

7. Heat-: Last but not least I would say to avoid all styling products forever. Maximum I’d say once a month but heat can really damage hair when its already very fragile. So the less the better.

I get many compliments on my hair saying I look like Elsa, Harley Quinn, Taylor Momsen … Although I feel like Draco Malfoy; I really enjoy having this colour. It’s really fun to change your look, but never feel like you need to change yourself or your hair colour to accept yourself!  I feel like I would just put that out there, since I’m starting to see a trend with people using their hair as their identity and you can start to get a bit crazy when it starts to get damaged or fall off. Regardless I like to believe our souls have fun in recreating our styles but you should always learn to love your natural self! Inner confidence is the most beautiful trait a person can have.
♡♥︎ Until the next time Mačka‘s  ♡♥︎



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