☆♡Monthly Favourites ♡♥︎ JUNE


Favourite beauty products ::
1. BB cream concealer –Great coverage for the under eye area + 30SPF sun protection. It also comes in very cute babydoll style packaging which I love. I pretty much wear a small amount of this everyday instead of a full face of foundation.
2. Holika Holika Enamel Volip Tint RD01 Twilight  –It has that creamy jelly consistency you get from the tattoo peel off lip tints. You need to add two coats for it to be opaque on the lips but it can act as a lip balm tint since its moisturising. Leaves a tint when you wipe of lips. Easy wand application. I usually repel myself from any lip product that isn’t matte but that all changed when I watched gossip girl and fell in love with Blair Waldorf’s makeup looks.

3. Matte la girl secret –Gothic red look that I live for. Dries dark and vampy. Not too drying on the lips. Long wear. What else can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4. Rohto lycee eye drops –Taste lychee in my eye? Smells heavenly 🍧 good when wearing contacts all day!☆

5. Bio Oil mini –So cute and peachy 🍑 I have some scars and this helps with all sorts of scars from acne to fading burn marks. Sometimes like to lightly massage this oil on my face. It’s small so I carry it my bag when travelling. It works better than hand cream and good for summer to give your skin a healthy glow!


6.Philip Kingsley Elasticizer  –I saw this recommended by Inthefrow in her hair care routine (she has beautiful majestic white hair). I decided to try it out since my hair needed elasticity from being damaged in the salon. You use it before shampooing your hair and it almost works like olaplex. If your is rough and snaps off easily I definitely recommend it. I purchased mine from www.feelunique.com where they have good offers on Phillip Kingsley products.


7. Liptiful – Natural fuller lips and it is not like kylie Jenner lip challenge because it’s made out of hard clay and won’t deform your lips. Practice from 10 seconds to 1minute. Really plumped my lips and smoothed out the skin on my face. Its almost like muscle toning your face. Great for new makeup looks.

8. EOS Fairy Pink –Huge fan of the EOS contact lenses series and these Pink lenses are comfortable, flattering for any anime/gyaru makeup look. With pink highlights in my hair I just had to get them.

♡♥︎ Until the next time Mačka‘s  ♡♥︎


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